We are the global training, learning and performance technology company with a world-leading reputation for success. We’re at the cutting edge of education and self-improvement, collaborating with the world’s most highly skilled trainers, professors and practitioners who have unrivalled knowledge to help you grow.


with ZISHI Cornerstone

Over 150 core courses and qualifications to help you, your teams or your leaders stay ahead. From all aspects of financial services, through the maze of risk, regulation and governance, right up to the highest level of trading. 

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with ZISHI Adaptive

We take your employee knowledge and use it to your advantage. Blending cutting-edge AI technology with human data to help you uncover behaviour and personality traits of potential employees before making commitments that may impact your profit. 

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with ZISHI Elite

Our expertise helps you turn average performance into peak performance. Utilising smart technology to analyse factors such as wellbeing, health, and stress levels which help individuals make changes to boost wellbeing, performance and productivity.

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