ZISHI Cornerstone, the leading trading education provider, will provide a series of remote modularised training courses in association with the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE).

ICE and ZISHI have a longstanding partnership. Prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, ZISHI provided 6-day quarterly workshops with ICE, covering a variety of disciplines. Now, these courses have been fully modularised and repurposed to allow them to be delivered remotely, by ZISHI’s market-leading team of trading experts.

Upcoming courses include:

25th June: Commodity Options Part 2
2nd July: Commodity Options Part 3
9th July: Charting and Technical Analysis for Commodity Markets

In addition to the courses listed above, ICE’s training listings include ZISHI Cornerstone’s ‘Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Options Trading’. The course, aimed at commodity purchasing managers at multinational consumer goods companies, has also been fully modularised and is now provided with flexible delivery options designed to suit the varying needs of its audience.

The course offers a unique proposition, immersing participants in trading strategy and advanced theory, thereby facilitating participants with vital skills related to the trading, management and supervision of options within commodities markets. The course is recognised as the educational gold standard within the industry and participants receive an accredited professional qualification upon its successful completion. More information can be found here.

Remote learning was an increasingly prevalent practice prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, with the pandemic serving to accelerate this trend. In an ever more globalised and interconnected world, trading professionals require access to the most up to date and high-quality resources to allow them to function effectively. Developing skills and updating knowledge is a key component of a successful trading professional, and ZISHI Cornerstone’s rapid pivot towards high-quality remote learning resources facilitates this need.

ICE is one of the most well-established international exchanges in the world. It connects the largest community of participants in all major markets at key phases of the investing, trading, hedging and capital raising lifecycle. Technological innovation has long been at the core of ICE’s proposition, allowing the exchange to offer cutting-edge insight and increased efficiency at every stage of the trading process. This commitment to leveraging the best of technology characterises ZISHI’s offering in partnership with ICE and allows trading professionals to remain ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing global landscape.

More information on ZISHI’s training courses can be found here.