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ZISHI Elite analyses and delivers a world-first: personalised physiological performance data that enables traders to tap into their own optimal trading states.

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The time between beats is sometimes called Inter-beat Intervals (IBIs) or R-R intervals and is usually measured in milliseconds (ms). R-R intervals are very different to Heart Rate (HR) or Beats Per Minute (BPM). HRV looks much closer at the small heart fluctuations that occur in response to everything that happens both inside and outside of our body. By applying the right calculations to these barely perceptible R-R interval changes, we can figure out exactly how ready we are to handle things like intense exercise, a big presentation at work, or any other stressful situation. This is all possible thanks to a certain branch of our Autonomic Nervous System (ANS).

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“To thrive when it matters most, it is vital to have a set of strategies that help you find and remain inside of your own optimal functioning zone. ZISHI offers the objective data and key insights to get you there.”

Dr. Andrew Cooke, Lecturer in Sports and Exercise Science, Bangor University

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