Imagine having your best day at work ever, then being able to identify and replicate what made it so good. ZISHI Elite is a ground-breaking app that uniquely correlates an individual’s workplace performance data, with their physiological and biometric data to maximise performance and functioning.

By recognising which practices work for people, and more importantly what doesn’t, it can help them recreate the conditions their body and mind need to perform at their peak each day.

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App users saw a 27.9% increase in profit

Study of 259 OSTC futures traders (app users v’s non app users) between 13th October and 23rd February 2021

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The app that reacts to your performance

You don’t need an app to know you won’t get the best from people who are physically or emotionally tired or unwell. But ZISHI Elite is intelligently simple. First, it holds up a mirror to show your employees exactly what factors are most impacting their ability to perform at their peak.

Then it goes even further; responding to personal data with personalised content designed to help them adapt behaviours and habits. It includes areas such as mitigating stress, and introducing mindfulness, enabling users to operate within their optimal performance zone for longer.

How incremental gains are driving our success

Businesses need to focus on what makes the biggest difference to their bottom line. That’s why we put the ZISHI Elite app in the hands of our own traders. From measuring heart rate variability, to stress levels and positive and negative emotions, it analyses the findings alongside their performance. This previously hidden data is now turned into positive bottom-line numbers. It shows each user exactly what’s affecting their trading performance and gives them personal feedback and suggestions for improvement.

“The app makes recommendations to help traders adapt behaviours and habits. These can rapidly mitigate stress, and move them back into an ‘optimal performance state’ faster.”
Dr Matthew Barlow
Phd Researched into Elite Performance, Bangor University



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