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  1. Do I have to live within a certain distance of the office?

Candidates are required to live within mainland UK.

  1. Will I have to visit the office from time to time?

Remote traders will meet up at least once a year, either in an OSTC office or a location tbc. You should expect not to attend the office in your first year, however there may be opportunities to work from one of our trading hubs as your career develops.

  1. What minimum internet speed do you recommend?

10mbps is the minimum requirement.

  1. I don’t currently have a desk or office chair; will this be supplied?

No, you will be expected to organise these items yourself. For comfort and optimum productivity, we advise using furniture that matches the examples given in Question 5.

  1. How much space will I need for a trading workstation?

Most office-based traders work within the following size desk space: Width 160cm – Depth 60cm – Height 80cm, and use a chair that sits comfortably in comparison. We recommend a desk with space for 2x 21 inch screens, keyboard, mouse and an A4 notebook as a minimum, in an area without too much distraction.

  1. Do I need to purchase additional screens or equipment?

Good question – no you won’t. But should traders wish to purchase upgraded accessories such as a mouse or keyboard, they may. Although we will provide them initially.

  1. Who will set up my trading workstation?

We will send full instructions on how to set up your own workstation. It is relatively easy, and our service desk will be available to support you throughout the set-up of your IT equipment and OSTC logins.

  1. What communication channels will I use to stay in touch?

All new traders will have access to Microsoft Teams for instant messaging, audio and video calling and email. From time to time we will be using Zoom, especially during your initial training.

  1. How will I stay in touch with my manager if I’m working remotely?

Using the call and chat function on Microsoft Teams is the best way to connect with your manager. Your manager may wish to keep your personal contact details for informal or urgent communication.

  1. Will I be able to contact more experienced traders?

Yes, a buddy and mentoring program will be in place to share opportunity. All traders in all OSTC offices are on Teams an available to message.

  1. Will I be able to meet people from the other teams such as HR in case I need their support?

Everyone can contact each department they need via email and will be followed up as soon as possible. If in doubt, your line manager will advise you on the process for support.

  1. Will I be able to contact or meet colleagues in the same intake?

Yes, this will be encouraged to drive our collective excellence.

  1. What are the working hours from home?

Once you start trading live markets, the hours worked at home will depend on what markets you are trading. You can expect longer working week days once you are live trading, but the markets are closed on weekends. During your training expect to start at 0800 and finish at 1700. However, there may be some flexibility depending on how training is progressing. There may also be some after work study on occasion.

  1. Will I have regular breaks throughout the day?

Certainly, this is important for your own wellbeing and will be factored into your training and encouraged by your managers when you start live trading.

  1. Will I receive any support on work-life balance while working remotely?

Yes, we have an excellent wellbeing manager at OSTC and your managers will be able to advise on your balance. There are also frequent opportunities to be trained in mental health awareness, and OSTC has an externally provided employee assistance programme that can help with any challenges you have either professionally or personally.