We’re extremely excited to launch ZISHI Elite, our new tech solution to help traders globally measure their performance and maximise their efficiency.

Part biometric app, part wearable tech, ZISHI Elite gives traders the edge in markets by measuring numerous factors underpinning each trader’s unique physiological output. The tech determines optimal Heart Rate Variability (HRV) state as well as data on sleep, mood, anxiety & stress levels. This information is then analysed in conjunction with the trader’s volume, P&L and level of order activity to find their personalised optimal zone.

After a two-year development phase with a trial group of 30 traders, distinct correlations were found, highlighting that when a trader’s HRV was falling so did volume, P&L, motivation and mood. ZISHI Elite has now been rolled out to over 100 traders across our 12 global offices. All traders sign up to the scheme voluntarily.

ZISHI Elite has been developed in partnership with a team of professors, sports psychologists and elite performance analysts from Bangor University – who have worked closely with the England Cricket Board, Team SKY and UK Olympic Athletes.

Lee Hodgkinson, CEO of OSTC Group, commented:

“We’re incredibly proud to be rolling ZISHI Elite out and are very excited at the potential applications of this technology. Our traders have seen the benefits of the technology already and we know they value the unique insight the platform provides – in turn allowing them to achieve the best possible results.”

Chris Jenkins, Head of ZISHI Elite, commented:

“ZISHI Elite is designed to provide traders with the unique, individual insight they need to perform at their best. For us, it is about giving them the information and tools they need to work at the highest level. We don’t use this data to track and monitor them in any way, the technology exists to help them work at their best.”

We will continue to roll this out across our traders worldwide but are in discussions to make the technology available to other trading houses. We will also be launching an upgraded version of the app this autumn, with a richer suite of metrics, analytics and functionalities.”