One of the original founding members of OSTC Group, Rob Brophy shifted gears in 2019 to assume the role of Trading Performance Director. With over three decades of trading experience under his belt, as well as effectively managing OSTC’s global risk profile, Rob began his career back in 1991 as an independent trader on London’s LIFFE exchange.

Joining forces with Danny Langley eight years later, they launched On Screen Trading to meet the key needs of traders looking to continue in the industry after open outcry exchange floors closed. So, in 2003, On Screen Trading and Trading Connections merged to become OSTC.

Diligence, self-discipline and hands-on people management equip Rob with the ability to lead while the business undergoes a rapid and vital chapter of global growth. Believing that “success is hard to achieve, and even harder to sustain”, our newly appointed trading performance director maintains a resilient spirit coupled with the clear belief that with every challenge comes a lesson worth learning.

When asked what his proudest achievement is, he simply says:

“helping to build OSTC into what it is today.”