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Diverse teams improve the quality of decision-making at all organisational levels, and enable ideas, assumptions and any tendency for ‘group think’ to be challenged more effectively.

With the full support of our Board and Executives, we are pushing our diversity agenda in 2019 to ensure that one in every four of all new OSTC employees hired worldwide is female.

The benefits of inclusion and gender diversity can be felt all the way through a company, from top to bottom. Our diverse agenda is driven by this real and pressing need to level the playing field, to equalise and unify in an industry historically dominated by white, higher educated males. The world is moving forward in great strides, necessitating a rapid shift in what equality looks like in the workplace. As a business, we remain actively committed to tackling existing gender disparity, for greater global equivalence in the short and long term future.

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“It’s about diversity of thought. We know that diverse organisations are much more creative. It’s about valuing different people’s perspectives, from where they’ve come from, where they’re going, their upbringing – everything that makes them unique.”
Donna Whitehead, Chair of Remuneration Committee
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