Before I started my career in trading, life was all about sport. I was a professional football player but even back then I was interested in finance and invested my savings on the stock exchange. I had a basic knowledge of how the stock market works, but it was only when I joined OSTC that I learned what trading is really about and how to succeed professionally. The success didn’t come overnight though.

There were uncomfortable moments as I trained within the group; I recall an especially memorable occasion when the liquidity on my best product dried up and I took my first big loss. But I recovered, and that made me stronger.

Once I got my first bonus, I began to see how my hard work and struggles were actually worth-while. Nothing comes easy and it definitely applies to the trading industry. Many people wrongly presume there is easy money to be made on markets. In my opinion you have to really work hard, be disciplined, persistent and passionate about what you are doing to be a good trader. Just like sport – I transferred these same characteristics from the football pitch into trading.