“it’s about shifting people’s mindsets about AI so that they start thinking about intelligence differently.”
Professor Rose Luckin

 Intelligent Recruitment

 through smart selection

Smart decision making also applies to the recruitment process. Through Adaptive, we’re harnessing AI to de-risk the recruitment process of front office candidates and use the technology to enhance the performance of those already trading within our network.

Data Driven Insights 

to advance with confidence 

Sitting within the core ZISHI knowledge suite, Adaptive draws data from our existing company-wide activities as well as data generated by individual traders. Over time, we’ll be using the technology to understand how our new recruits learn best – in order to tap into their full potential.

 Smart Mentorship

 that provides a superior edge

We’re integrating AI within our ZISHI knowledge suite to provide hands-on mentorship and guidance whenever traders need it. Because the AI will support traders from the very beginning of their careers, traders will gain deep and progressive insights into his or her own level to keep refining their edge.

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