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Sitting within ZISHI knowledge suite, our coaching and consultancy has provided expertise and applicable skills for many organisations. These include some of the world’s largest exchanges, such as Dalian Commodities, Zhengzhou, Shenzhen, The China Futures Association, and ICE. From remote training for an individual employee to more intensive learning for a whole department, ZISHI’s fully customised series of unrivalled courses, workshops and masterclasses offer everything you need to learn to trade professionally.

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Learn with ZISHI

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Offering a wealth of collective expertise earned from decades trading on the world’s top exchanges, our experienced ZISHI facilitators train top representatives of industries the world over looking to deepen their understanding of commodity derivatives and markets. Working in partnership with ICE, ZISHI’s quarterly workshops deliver fast track technical trading knowledge and a targeted, relevant level of content and mentorship to help participants rapidly upskill their capabilities in a matter of days. All ZISHI workshops are deeply immersive and tailored entirely for the audience in mind and feature cutting edge trading tools and technology including market-leading trading software, screens and analytical tools.

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Train with ZISHI

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Our experienced ZISHI trainers all possess a deep level of combined experience in investing and trading, while being highly skilled when it comes to training individuals in the art and science of trading global markets.
Each bespoke training combines theory and practice to meet a clients’ specific goals. This may include risk management, compliance, software and systems, proprietary trading, options market-making and/or clearing operations.
The time frame is flexible to the individual company’s needs and bespoke trainings can be provided in any of OSTC’s global hubs or location that suits the client. Previous venues for in-house training include China, India, Russia and Australia.

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Bespoke Solutions

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Whether it’s for manufacturing and processing industries, or consumer brands who interact with markets on a daily basis, our consultants deliver a comprehensive level of knowledge and understanding of the issues at hand. As part of each consultancy, our specialists may also offer detailed feedback on a client’s current proposals as well as areas for improvement.
Consultancy is usually offered to companies that have previously taken part in other ZISHI workshops or trainings. The consultancy may then be offered as a progress check on how clients should implement any action steps from previous trainings, while collaborating together to develop an organised, structured approach to managing price risk.

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Schools & Colleges

Learn with ZISHI

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There is an opportunity for Schools and Colleges to partner with ZISHI and create a pathway for students into Higher Education or the Financial Sector through our qualification programmes. The Level 3 Diploma carries 16 UCAS points, which can make all the difference when it comes to securing a preferred University place.

Suitable as a core foundational course for those who prefer a more rapid, vocational, hands-on alternative to university, feel free to contact us to find out more about which qualification or course is right for you.

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Sports Career Transition

Perform with ZISHI

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ZISHI recognises core competencies from professional sporting backgrounds including self-discipline, competitiveness, patience and resilience are applicable and transferable into the world of finance.

We work closely with individuals from sporting backgrounds as well as professional clubs and representative professional bodies to support dual-career development and a transition from sport.

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