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At OSTC, we believe that everyone, everywhere should be able to learn to trade. From students and job seekers to industry professionals and our own traders, ZISHI Cornerstone can provide the knowledge and skills to learn to trade with confidence. Even throughout the global pandemic we’ve helped individuals and organisations to continue to grow and evolve virtually, through videos, webinars, live workshops and interactive sessions, complemented with access to our state-of-the-art ZISHI Portal.

Training for Individuals

You don’t need previous experience to learn about trading and financial services. ZISHI offers a range of trading courses suitable for all students, regardless of existing levels of knowledge.

Our centralised knowledge suite offers industry-leading qualifications from Level 2 up to professionally competent Level 5 Advanced Diplomas. Developed in collaboration with professional associations, these qualifications deliver advanced precision learning and an unrivalled skillset.

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Training for Organisations

Whether your organisation needs to train individuals or whole departments, ZISHI offers a range of customisable courses, workshops and masterclasses. Delivered via bespoke workshops in-house, or via open-courses in partnership with the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), our courses blend real world experience with the latest trading software to develop market knowledge for traders and non-traders alike.

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Sitting within ZISHI Knowledge Suite, our coaching and consultancy has provided expertise and applicable skills for many organisations. These include some of the world’s largest exchanges, such as the Dalian Commodity Exchange, Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the China Futures Association, and ICE. ZISHI’s fully customised series of unrivalled courses, workshops and masterclasses offer everything you need to learn to trade professionally. All training is available for full virtual delivery with the flexibility to fit around the needs of our global clients across financial services and academia.

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Trading simulation

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Volcube is our interactive trading education simulator that teaches students to trade Options through simulations and gamification:

  • Learn to trade Options with real data but none of the risk
  • A versatile platform that can be tutor-led or self-taught
  • Easy to follow gamifying structure that expands as a learner’s knowledge does
  • Practical application simulation to experience ‘real’ market conditions
  • Interactive and immersive with strong feedback functionality
  • Over 100 articles and videos to support through all learning stages
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Working in partnership with ICE, ZISHI’s live workshops can be fully delivered in-classroom or virtually through videos, webinars, and interactive sessions, complemented with access to our state-of-the-art ZISHI Portal. The courses are intensive and collaborative, allowing delegates to learn efficiently and effectively.

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Bespoke Solutions

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We offer consultancy to all industry sectors that interact with the markets – upon which our specialists can provide detailed advice and analysis, as well as areas for improvement.

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Schools & Colleges

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ZISHI’s qualification programmes help schools and colleges create a pathway for students into Higher Education or the Financial Sector. The Level 3 Diploma carries 16 UCAS points which can help significantly when securing preferred University places.

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For candidates already at the university stage, we can also embed our Level 5 Diploma in Financial Trading as either a core or elective module on specific degree courses. One such course is Sheffield Hallam’s BSc (Hons) Financial Trading & Investment Management degree, where our Level 5 has been highly successful in preparing students for a trading career in the financial sector. We also work with universities offering summer programmes to their students.

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Sports Career Transition

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ZISHI recognises that the core competencies necessary in professional sport are also applicable to the world of finance. We therefore work closely with individuals, professional clubs and representative professional bodies to support dual-career development and transition from sport.

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