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“With our employer-led, work ready education courses we strive to remove traditional barriers to entry into the sector; widening the net for participation and progress for all."
Robert Russell – Global Head of Professional Qualifications & Business Development

Knowledge is the most important currency in the world right now.

Our company is a diverse blend of talent, including a core learning team of world leading consultants, trading mentors and renowned professors who have shaped our learning platform into what it is. ZISHI is a centralised knowledge suite that offers undergraduates, existing traders and anybody looking to advance their knowledge and understanding of global markets in a deeply contextualised, industry-relevant, real-time platform.

A comprehensive learning platform that features accredited qualifications, data-driven insights and hands-on expertise and training from our consultants.

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Smart candidate profiling and advanced data analytics help to refine self and collective knowledge for better decision making and life-long learning.

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Biometric wearable technology that delivers the personalised data to help traders make smarter decisions, and enter optimal performance states.

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“I’ve been using the ZISHI knowledge suite alongside some of OSTC’s head trainers to take my trading knowledge up a gear. It’s been intense, challenging and has given me a real grounding to take the leap into a live trading environment.”

James, Swansea, 2018 Graduate

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Learning At Every Level

Trading Qualifications

A comprehensive education suite of accredited advanced diplomas and certified courses, OSTC Group’s ZISHI eLearning platform presents a vocational alternative to get bright minds fast tracked into the industry. Whether you want to upskill on existing knowledge or start from scratch, each course, certificate and qualification ensures a deep level of applied learning from which to enter chosen markets.

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Consultancy & Coaching

We offer a series of advanced workshops, coaching and consultancy for multinationals, investors and individual traders wanting to advance their learning. Under the hands-on guidance of our experienced in-house experts, each ZISHI masterclass or coaching session can be fully customised depending on your business requirements, so that teams come away with the all-important insights and applicable skills that matter most.

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