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Packed with industry insights, advanced training and insider expertise, ZISHI provides biometric testing, Ofqual regulated trading qualifications, AI learning and specialist workshops to up-skill or fast track your route into the industry.

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Our foundational digital ecosystem offers accredited regulated training and industry recognised qualifications. In addition, coaching, consultancy and intensive masterclasses provide traders, asset managers, corporations, and non-traders alike with the expertise, industry guidance and tools to trade autonomously – and with impact.

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Partnering with world-leading Artificial Intelligence specialists at University College London, Adaptive draws upon extensive OSTC data to bring valuable, performance-enhancing insights and tools into the individual and collective trading experience.

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Collaborating with leading sports psychologists and performance consultants from Bangor University, we have proudly launched the ZISHI App. A sophisticated biometric tool, the app measures sleep, mood, heart rate variability (HRV) and more to track physiological states against an optimal trading state.

“I’ve been using the ZISHI knowledge suite alongside some of OSTC’s head trainers to take my trading knowledge up a gear. It’s been intense, challenging and has given me a real grounding to take the leap into a live trading environment.”

James, Swansea, 2018 Graduate

Learning At Every Level

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Trading Courses

A comprehensive education suite of accredited advanced diplomas and certified courses, OSTC Group’s ZISHI eLearning platform presents a vocational alternative to get bright minds fast tracked into the industry. Whether you want to upskill on existing knowledge or start from scratch, each course, certificate and qualification ensures a deep level of applied learning from which to enter chosen markets.

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Trading Expertise

We offer a series of advanced workshops, coaching and consultancy for multinationals, investors and individual traders wanting to advance their learning. Under the hands-on guidance of our experienced in-house experts, each ZISHI masterclass or coaching session can be fully customised depending on your business requirements, so that teams come away with the all-important insights and applicable skills.

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Performance Technology

Successful trading requires discipline, resilience and the ability to stay focused, even when the pressure’s on. Recognising the relationship between a calm body, a present mind and successful trading, the ZISHI app offers tailored insights into biometric markers to help traders understand when they’re in an optimal physiological state to trade – versus when they’re not.

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