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“Volcube bridges the gap between classroom theory and practical application, it is both a simulator and library of options theory. Students assume the position of a market maker and will gain an understanding of option pricing and market flow.”

George Lake, Business Development Executive

Enhanced experience

Having fully acquired Volcube to operate under our ZISHI brand, we are excited at the prospect of enhancing OSTC’s remote digital education even further. The platform brings with it many resources and features, including an options trading simulator, metrics and data on trading performance and a potential qualification on options and trading volatility.

Man presenting to class

Establishing futures

Man presenting to class

Volcube has already been embedded into the curriculum of 10 universities across the UK, including Strathclyde, Exeter, Cardiff Metropolitan, Surrey, and Durham, and complements other products of our ZISHI Cornerstone Level 5 Diploma. In fact, ZISHI Cornerstone already promotes Volcube technology globally, and the team often use it in their training courses.

Vortex White

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