Employee wellbeing has a vital role to play in long-term success on the trading floor. But just because a trader is performing well, doesn’t mean they feel it, or can sustain the same level for an extended period of time.

When you look at the factors that determine wellbeing, such as stress, sleep, fitness, diet, etc. it’s easier to see how maintaining good wellbeing has a positive impact on workplace performance. Tech like performance app ZISHI Elite is helping traders better understand the direct correlation between wellbeing and performance; unlocking the secrets that can help them perform at peak for longer.

In the webinar we discuss:

  • Why trader wellbeing is so important and how analysing a person’s workplace data alongside their physiological and biometric data can maximise it.
  • Bridging the gap between performance and wellbeing to help traders understand their mental and physical resource levels and how they’re feeling.
  • Identifying positive and negative functionality to help traders adapt behaviours and habits that affect performance.

We created our ZISHI Elite app in partnership with world-leading experts from the Institute for the Psychology of Elite Performance at Bangor University. The team span a wide range of wellbeing related topics, including the psychology of stress and performance, personality psychology, cognitive psychology and psychophysiology.