It’s been a wonderful year of ambitious new finance and educational partnerships for our central knowledge suite ZISHI. Adopted by a series of large exchanges and financial institutions across the Asian continent and elsewhere worldwide for its comprehensive educational offering, we’re excited to announce our latest collaboration is with China’s Dalian Commodity Exchange (DCE).

The fourth prestigious Chinese exchange to select ZISHI’s world-class learning tools and trading technologies, Dalian and ZISHI have devised a unique educational programme for its top ten high ranking officials to be rolled out September 2019. These individuals will be guided through a two-week, hands-on immersion into trading and market-making courtesy of ZISHI’s educational platform, Cornerstone. The intention of supporting the development, management and growth of Dalian going forward.

The course will combine classroom sessions with ZISHI’s resident experts and educational partners, coupled with market-relevant trading scenarios and of course a deep dive into ZISHI’s suite of digital tools and data-driven technologies.

Lee Hodgkinson, CEO declared,

“We are delighted to be chosen as an education partner by the Dalian Commodity Exchange, the operator of one of China’s most important markets. This is further evidence that our expansion in mainland China is gaining traction and underscores our reputation as a first-class provider of knowledge and education in the global financial marketplace. The development of OSTC’s non-transaction revenue stream is progressing well and we are well-positioned for further growth.”