The core of our company which was established in 2005, specialised in high performing, pioneering global derivatives trading with a growing international network. What began as a diverse group of high potential prospective traders has advanced into a team of profitable, high volume market participants, powered by technological innovation.

Today, we seek out opportunities in high volume, high liquidity, spread trading and are a major participant on all the top US, UK, and European futures markets, and are currently trading on average over 110 million lots per year in 5 different locations globally.

HR & Talent

From a small team of two providing operational, day-to-day HR support, our HR & Talent department has grown significantly over recent years. With our main purpose now being to help the company develop a long-term people strategy that has a clear and measurable impact on our business, our people, and our performance.

We believe that people are our most important assets. So, we invest in attracting the best talent, as well as diversifying our recruitment channels and developing new selection methods. We also believe in empowering people and developing performance in our teams. Our processes support these beliefs and give us a flexible framework to encourage conversational coaching, continual feedback, and employee-led objective setting.


The OSTC Finance department is a busy and dynamic place to work. We are proud that our accounting practices are of the very highest standards despite the challenges of operating in a global and fast-paced environment. 

This highly professional team is supported by our own in-house databases for reporting; and our trade analytical tools provide us with the most detailed and up-to-date data on every aspect of our trading. This is routinely scrutinised and acted upon, translating into better results and greater efficiencies.


The OSTC Operations department is a small but busy team who provide support in numerous ways to the business. Team members liaise closely with all other departments within the group and have a wide range of responsibilities covering everything from licensing and office management, through to business travel and work parties. 

The team’s remit includes facilities, office management, the day to day running of each office including health and safety, insurance, purchasing, supplier management, travel bookings, building security and reception. They also look after all data reporting and license management globally, ensuring that all data fee and license charges are correct.

This is where the integration of all business development activities and matters related to strategic changes happen, such as business performance and optimisation, change management, the approval of new products and the management of new business activities.


The Technology team plays a fundamental role in all aspects of OSTC’s lifecycle, from ensuring a trade order hits the market to making sure an email is sent and received. Liaising closely with key stakeholders, the team provides advice and expertise on IT strategy, infrastructure, design, building, and maintenance within the organisation. It also supports staff training in utilising the technology at hand and implementing protocols to remain safe from cyber threat.

The team is very proud of its track record of innovation, as well as successfully handling several bespoke developments in production at any given time, plus all the daily demands of a large and growing infrastructure.

Being a global, 24-7 business, it’s crucial that the network and systems are always available, stable, and secure. The department’s multinational team are based in Poland and the UK, as well as other offices around the world. From service desk, systems and servers, networks, software development, and production support our hands-on technology experts, each play a vital role in supporting OSTC’s operations worldwide.

Risk & Compliance

Our Risk department ensures full coverage across the group, including all enterprise risk, compliance, and legal functions. The team is responsible for monitoring the group’s position and exposure within the markets. They also ensure that risk management procedures are followed, and any concurrent trading disruptions are kept to a minimum.

Outside of the markets, the team looks after our non-financial risk framework, including operational risk, operational resiliency, compliance risks, reputational risks, conduct and conflict of interests, as well as ensuring greater risk and control monitoring capabilities at local level.

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