Careers in Finance and Trading with OSTC
Vortex White

“OSTC is a dynamic company and the most challenging and exciting aspect, is being able to keep up. Things change quickly, it requires self-discipline and focus.”

Monika, Portfolio Manager, UK

“The best opportunities aren’t the ones you are given, they’re the ones you make for yourself.”

Klaudia Stelmachowicz, Head of HR & Talent, Poland

Universities we've worked with

We’re proud to collaborate with world class universities and educational associations all over the globe. Here’s some of the academic partners we currently work with:

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Portrait of Dimitris Andriosopoulos

Dimitris Andriosopoulos

Professor of Finance, Strathclyde Business School

Portrait of Dimitris Andriosopoulos

“A vital part of our Derivatives course, Volcube provides a unique offering. It provides virtually un-limited questions in helping students practice and revise the principles and application of derivatives from a hedger’s or speculator’s perspective. But most importantly, it also provides a unique insight of the market makers’ perspective with the trading simulations, which is way beyond what to my knowledge widely available trading simulations offer. The result is a vast leap forward for students’ employability skills, and a more holistic educational package that allows for a seamless merging of theory and practice.”

Portrait of Bartosz Kabaciński

Dr. Bartosz Kabaciński

Assistant Professor, Department of Corporate Finance, Poznan

Portrait of Bartosz Kabaciński

“OSTC is engaged in many educational projects currently taking place at the Poznań University of Economics and Business. In 2014 we established the OSTC Trading Lab, where students have a unique opportunity to discover trading on future markets using professional software on a real-time basis. They also have the chance to learn about trading techniques and technical analysis directly from scientists and OSTC trading professionals. OSTC supports our university by conducting work-shops on technical analysis, Options hedging and the highly popular use of word-class ‘simulation’ software that enables students to preview a real sense of options trading. I find these activities a great example of the synergy between academia and financial markets.”

Vortex White

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