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“Our professional qualifications offer relevant and transferable skills coupled with a solid knowledge base from which to propel your trading career.”

Robert Russell, Global Head Professional Qualifications

Learning With The Edge

We’ve developed a suite of industry specific trading qualifications that are perfect for ambitious minds looking to differentiate in a crowded market.

Ideal for students, postgraduates and job seekers who want to up-skill core competencies and develop their knowledge of trading from a technical and behavioural perspective, each programme offers a comprehensive level of technical and soft skills designed to get individuals ‘work ready’ for a variety of roles.

Our immersive courses are taught by longstanding OSTC industry professionals on tier 1 software and hardware and blend in-classroom learnings with more practical live trading scenarios. They’re fully recognised across the industry and can be considered ‘gateway qualifications’ into financial services roles, including Trader, Broker, Portfolio Manager, Risk Manager, Financial Analyst, Compliance Officer, as well as into the wider job market.

Level 5 Advanced Diploma

In Financial Trading

The Advanced Diploma is our gold standard in applied learning and equips learners with the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviours for those targeting careers within investment banking and the financial services sector.

The programme offers graduates and non-graduates alike the chance to learn within a Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF). The qualification is based entirely on portfolio assessment and is the equivalent of a Higher National Diploma (HND) holding 32 RQF qualification credits.

Completion of the programme entitles the qualification holder to become an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment (CISI) – the leading professional body in the sector.

In a global first, the course has also been adopted by Sheffield Hallam University within their BSc (Hons) Financial Trading and Investment Management Degree programme.

Level 5 Advanced Diploma

In Options Trading

The Advanced Diploma in Options Trading is an industry exclusive. Developed by OSTC and ZISHI, it is the only Ofqual regulated qualification (sitting on the RQF) at Level 5 that specialises in Options Trading.

Throughout this qualification, students will develop their knowledge and understanding of trading, along with the management and supervision of options within financial markets. Successful completion may lead to occupational roles such as Options Trader, Options Broker, Market Maker or Options Analyst.

Graduates from the programme are recognised by the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments (CISI) for Associated Membership.

Level 3 Diploma

In Financial Trading

The Level 3 Diploma in Financial Trading provides an understanding of the key characteristics, mechanisms and influences on the financial markets. The learner gains a broad range of transferable skills, knowledge, and understanding through applied teaching.

The qualification holds 18 credits on the Regulated Qualification Framework and 16 UCAS points to support entry into Higher Education.

Schools and Colleges

There is an opportunity for Schools and Colleges to partner with ZISHI and create a pathway for students into Higher Education or the Financial Sector through our qualification programmes. The Level 3 Diploma carries UCAS points which can make all the difference to getting a preferred University place.

Suitable as a core foundational course for those who prefer a more vocational, hands-on alternative to University, feel free to contact us to find out more about which qualification or course is right for you.

Sports Career Transition

ZISHI recognises core competencies from professional sporting backgrounds including self-discipline, competitiveness, patience and resilience are applicable and transferable into the world of finance. We work closely with individuals from sporting backgrounds as well as professional clubs and representative professional bodies to support dual career development and a transition from sport.

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