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“The aim of our education is to simplify what's considered to be a complex subject, but we nonethe-less push our delegates to achieve more than mere academic understanding of derivatives.”

Simon Hart, Head of Training, ZISHI

Because markets are fluid and constantly evolving, we keep our educational approach just as flexible and tailor each class or course for relevant, ‘real-time’ learning. Training sessions will sometimes focus on speculation and investment, while others will concentrate on hedging and price risk. To keep all skills as transferable possible, we employ only the latest trading software, risk models and simulators coupled with plenty of applied learning from our expert consultants.

In addition to a calendar of planned classes and workshops, there’s also the option for companies to engage our specialists for bespoke in-house training and consultancy. These projects can run for one day or one month and usually focus on helping the client to develop an organised, structured approach to managing price risk. Our head facilitators have many years of trading experience and running trading teams. They integrate this experience with the specific needs of commerce and industry to provide each attendee with immediately applicable learnings.

At the heart of each course is a deep induction into the management and understanding of risk. It is only through developing an intuitive and human understanding of risk (and ‘what-if’ scenarios) that companies can be fully confident in their strategy. Blending this human, instinctive element with digital learning tools has proven to be a highly effective learning methodology that’s completely unique to ZISHI and OSTC.

Simon Hart

Head of Training, ZISHI

Simon heads up the ZISHI Consultancy and Coaching division to offer executive level consultancy, workshops and intensive masterclasses to many of the world’s top industrial and manufacturing companies. Within days, he’s helped clients fully grasp and implement efficient hedging and risk management policies. In an environment where currency or commodity price movements can destroy the profits of an airline or consumer goods company, Simon has seen his unique ‘blending learning’ prove invaluable to a wide variety of clients.

Bill Beagles

Head of Training, ZISHI

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Bill worked at a hedge fund from 2008 to 2010 and has trading experience of all asset classes, including equities, fixed income and commodities. He’s also the author of ‘Equity and Index Options Ex-plained’. When asked what he feels the biggest shift is in learning over the past 10 years, Bill says, “a move towards using a blended (digital and physical face-to-face) methodology, something Simon and I deliver to great effect in all our classes and coaching programmes.”

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