“When I joined OSTC I felt like I was finally where I should be. The company has given me a great chance to prove myself and acquire a lot of new knowledge.”

Roman, Trader, Lodz Poland

Meet Our People

Jasmeet Kaur

Market Analyst, India

Trader Jasmeet has always been driven by an entrepreneurial spirit. Joining the OSTC Mumbai office in 2018, she soon established a way to make her aspirations a firm reality. Applying three core fundamentals to the way she approaches her career – self-belief, positivity and faith in God – Jasmeet keeps a level head and is pragmatic about the challenges that come as part of her job. She admits, “it’s not easy being a trader: losses, frustration and disappointment are a part of it. However, my three personal principles keep me on track and energised enough to make my goals happen. There is a good saying I swear by, “I can accept failure but I can’t accept not trying. So I keep going.”

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Andrew McCaleb

Head of Market Compliance, Poland

When the opportunity to join OSTC as a Junior Operations Manager presented itself, Andrew intinctively knew it would be a great fit. After working as a Trading Floor Manager for nearly two years, Andrew moved into the newly created global Risk Management Team. He collaborated closely with the Risk Team, developing new risk management systems and policies that supported the expansion of the company from six offices to thirteen.

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Monika Dudkiewicz

Head of Business Analysis, UK

Monika joined OSTC in 2009 straight after completing her degree in Corporate Finance and Strategies. She immediately knew that “OSTC ticked all the boxes regarding the industry and global footprint, while providing an amazing opportunity to work in the world of global exchanges alongside key market players.”

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Trader, China

Shen-Hui still remembers how he felt the day after the OSTC job interview for the role of Junior Trader. “I was so excited that I couldn’t fall asleep.” His excitement was also coupled with anxiety, which led to one long night of insomnia wondering what he would do if he wasn’t successful. Fortunately, Shen-Hui got the job, and was welcomed into the trading team as a new recruit in OSTC Hangzhou. The office has a warm atmosphere, with very nice people.

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Lukasz Galicki

Trader, Warsaw

Before I started my career in trading, life was all about sport. I was a professional football player but even back then I was interested in finance and invested my savings on the stock exchange. I had a basic knowledge of how the stock market works, but it was only when I joined OSTC that I learned what trading is really about and how to succeed professionally. The success didn’t come overnight though.

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Aditi Agarwal

Market Analyst, India

First joining the OSTC Mumbai office back in 2012, Aditi recently celebrated her six-year anniversary and is one of the most experienced Market Analysts in the Mumbai office. Speaking of the milestone, Aditi said: “Working with OSTC has been an amazing experience both personally and professionally. I have enhanced my skills, learned new strategies and made some wonderful friends. OSTC has given me a fantastic platform and provided a solid backbone of support and guidance throughout the ebb and flow of my career.”

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Ravish Raja

Market Analyst, India

“My journey at OSTC has been a roller coaster ride, but I continue to enjoy every bit of it. I come from an engineering background, which meant I went through a steep learning curve to get up to speed with the fundamentals of finance and core trading terminologies when I joined.

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Sophie Cookson

Creative Content Manager, UK

Joining the Swansea office in 2017 as an Administration and Operations Assistant, Sophie’s background in Conference and Event Management placed her in great stead to transfer her creativity and drive into OSTC’s global branding and communications team.

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