Lee Hodgkinson


Known industrywide for his straight-talking communication and persistence, CEO Lee’s sights are set on establishing OSTC as an enterprising, globe-spanning business that champions the best training, technology and talent. From his early days on the London Stock Exchange right up to the present day, Lee is regarded by many as an authentic and people-focused leader. He maintains a clear vision to position OSTC as pioneers in digital training that will enable anyone, anywhere to accelerate their trading career. When asked what his biggest achievement is to date he replies, “the next one”.

Jonny Aucamp 


As founder and Executive Chairman, Jonny Aucamp has led the business since its inception – driving the merger of his firm Trading Connections with On Screen Trading to create OSTC in 2005. Since then he’s stepped back from day-to-day trading. Instead, he’s currently working towards implementing his vision for an inclusive, global business that’s founded on values, integrity and maximising the potential of every trading opportunity – and the potential of every OSTC employee.
Known for his consistently positive, forward-thinking approach, coupled with strong leadership skills, Jonny takes pride in overseeing a business which attracts extraordinary talent into an environment where they can actively fulfil their goals and dreams.

 Mark Slade


As a founder of the electronic trading group Trading Connections, which subsequently grew to become OSTC, Mark Slade has been with the business from its early days in 2000.
Mark began his career in London in 1987 at WBB, before moving to live and work for the firm in Germany for three years. On his return to London he helped them to set up and trade a multi-asset investment fund, before becoming an independent trader on the LIFFE and IPE exchanges in the mid-1990s.
Mark describes himself as fair, rational and knowledgeable, with problem solving and man management as his key skills. As OSTC’s Vice Chairman he oversees the core operational committee, championing OSTC’s culture of robust governance across all areas to ensure the company remains focused on its long-term goals, maintains secure foundations and that collective excellence is at the heart of everything OSTC delivers. His proudest achievement is helping to set up OSTC and watching it become the international organisation it is today.

Michael Shirley 


Mike joined OSTC in 2003 and has risen up the ranks to become our Head of Trading. From the get-go, he embraced the business’ entrepreneurial spirit by establishing his own group in OSTC that specialised in trading interest rates and commodities.
Previously a Money Markets Trader at Santander, Mike gained global experience trading in New York, Hong Kong and Sydney. Prior to that he was a pit observer for the LIFFE exchange in London.
With a deep interest in the finance sector’s future prospects, Mike recently completed a course in Financial Technology and Future Commerce at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He considers setting up OSTC Swansea, with its successful 45+ strong trading team, as his greatest achievement to date.

 Ian Firla


Ian is one of longest serving members of the OSTC team, having joined in 2005. After 13 years in Warsaw he is now based in London as our Chief Operations Officer.

Initially hired to establish the Polish division of the business, Ian immediately embraced OSTC’s vision where anyone, anywhere, can learn and trade. He began with just nine traders in Warsaw; today there’s a 180-strong team working in five locations across the country.

Prior to OSTC, Ian ran an IT consultancy in Milan, with clients in Italy, Switzerland and the UK. He also ran a digitisation project for Oxford University and consulted for various start-ups.

When asked what makes OSTC special, Ian’s reply is straightforward: “The people.”

Rob Brophy 


One of the original founding members of OSTC Group, Rob Brophy shifted gears in 2019 to assume the role of Trading Performance Director. With over three decades of trading experience under his belt, as well as effectively managing OSTC’s global risk profile, Rob began his career back in 1991 as an independent trader on London’s LIFFE exchange.

Joining forces with Danny Langley eight years later, they launched On Screen Trading to meet the key needs of traders looking to continue in the industry after open outcry exchange floors closed. So, in 2003, On Screen Trading and Trading Connections merged to become OSTC.

Diligence, self-discipline and hands-on people management equip Rob with the ability to lead while the business undergoes a rapid and vital chapter of global growth. Believing that “success is hard to achieve, and even harder to sustain”, our newly appointed trading performance director maintains a resilient spirit coupled with the clear belief that with every challenge comes a lesson worth learning.

When asked what his proudest achievement is, he simply says: “helping to build OSTC into what it is today.”

 Danny Langley


Starting his career at Lloyds Bank, OSTC Co-founder Danny Langley became an independent trader on the LIFFE exchange floor. He quickly recognised the need for traders like him to access a screen-based trading environment. So in 1999, Danny and Robert Brophy set up Onscreen Trading to provide that service, which later merged with Trading Connections to become OSTC.

Today Danny uses his negotiating and networking skills in his role as Director of Business Development. Focusing on delivering OSTC’s vision of inclusivity and open-to-all trading opportunities, he’s led OSTC’s expansion into Russia, followed by the business’ first office in China. Danny’s belief in shared opportunities keeps OSTC at the fore of finding, realising and amplifying new possibilities.