We have a proven track record of identifying high potential prospective traders with little or no experience and turning them into profitable, high volume market participants. We are strengthening our presence in chosen markets, while evolving and diversifying our talent pool and business offering. In the face of rapid industry shifts, we are positioning ourselves for growth that’s powered by technological innovation.

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We seek out opportunities in high volume, high liquidity, spread trading and are a major participant on all of the top US, UK and European futures markets. We are currently trading on average over 110 million lots per year.

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We are dedicated to educational excellence and fostering a growth mindset. To support this ethos, we have developed trading diplomas, coaching and consultancy programmes and workshops, to help advance learning no matter what the entry level.

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Performance & Evaluation

We look for incremental gains wherever we can find them. From uncovering candidates with the greatest potential during the AI-assisted recruitment process, right through to using biometric data to help our traders find and maintain their peak performance state.

Our History

Over the past 15 years we’ve risen to become one of the leading proprietary trading companies anywhere in the world.


On Screen Trading founded

Rob Brophy, Danny Langley, and The Kyte Group founded On Screen Trading.


Trading Connections founded

Jonny Aucamp and Mark Slade founded Trading Connections (TC).


OSTC is formed

On Screen Trading and Trading Connections merge to form OSTC. Expansion to Poland with an office opened in Warsaw with support from LIFFE.


Swansea office opens

Swansea (Wales) office opened with a government grant and a joint venture with Kondor (2 existing traders); traded over 50 million contracts for the first time.


Brighton and Mumbai offices open

Formed a joint venture with another two traders to open an office in Brighton. Expansion to India with an office in Mumbai.


OSTC expands into Russia

Expansion to Russia assisted with a credit facility from CME. Joint venture formed with ATON, one of the largest investment companies in Russia. OSTC is the majority owner of the Russian joint venture.


Cornerstone established

Cornerstone (then known as “Square Mile Education”) established and further education resources brought into OSTC. China office opened in partnership with Yongan, China’s largest futures broker. OSTC is the majority owner of the Chinese joint venture.


OSTC appoints new CEO

Lee Hodgkinson, former CEO of Euronext London, appointed as new CEO. Corporate governance and oversight strengthened, and new company purpose, vision, and values established.


ZISHI is born

ZISHI brand established. Minerva Capital Markets integrated into ZISHI. New executive team succeeds founder shareholders.


Building a future where anyone, anywhere, can learn and trade.