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Hertshten Group, the global financial services conglomerate, has signed an asset acquisition agreement of the trading business of OSTC Limited. The acquisition brings together two leading industry proprietary trading firms, and further strengthening Hertshten Group position as the world’s preeminent proprietary trading firm in the exchange listed derivative space, with over 900 market analysts based in offices around the world.

The OSTC Markets business will continue to be led by Michael Shirley, who will report to Elad Hertshten, Managing Director of Futures First.

Mark Slade, OSTC Ltd.’s CEO, said “This is a natural strategic deal that makes perfect logical sense for both parties. We have long admired Hertshten Group as leaders in our industry and we are excited by the massive additional opportunities this agreement brings to our people”.

Elad Hertshten, Head of Markets at Hertshten Group, said “We are very excited to be adding highly knowledgeable market professionals to our Group. Further diversifying our trading strategies and markets, we aim to further solidify Hertshten Group’s position as a leader in market liquidity across global derivative exchanges”.


As industry leading practitioners and educators we know that to be successful and sustainable takes dedication and constant improvement. We’ve used our extensive knowledge and expertise to create a suite of brands which work together to unlock potential at every step.



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At OSTC Markets, we discover and nurture the world’s best talents to participate in benchmark financial and commodity products across all major asset classes. We utilise our world-leading trading education to create a sustainable, consistently high performing trading and liquidity provision via low-risk proprietary trading strategies. Delivering sustained profitable performance for our business over time and creating growth and resilience through knowledge.

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The success of our organisation comes from striving to be better in everything we do. We take our responsibilities to our people and the world around us very seriously. We are committed to having partnerships and procedures in place that not only create a diverse and inclusive environment in which to work, but also ensure we achieve best practice in everything we do.

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A career within OSTC Group is open to everyone. For opportunities within our trading, education or performance technology side of the business, if you have the right ability our door is always open.