Our open-to-all platform equips you with a level of trading expertise that’s unlimited in scope.

Data-led and democratic, our digital trading platform is a synthesis of thought-leadership, advanced education and signature OSTC training tools and technologies that are successfully helping traders all over the world perform with impact.

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What We Offer

We’ve developed a series of targeted approaches and technologies to keep our teams at the fore of high performance, sustainable trading.

Global Liquidity Provision

We continue to refine our trading techniques and processes to create a new gold standard on sustainable trading and liquidity provisions. Driven by technology, our future-facing benchmark supports each trader in our network while the business maintains a unique, risk-averse strategy for growth.

Knowledge and Education

We’re a business that’s dedicated to educational excellence and fostering a growth mindset. To support this ethos for ourselves and our network, we’ve developed a series of trading diplomas, coaching and consultancy programmes and workshops, all of which help to advance learning – no matter what the entry level.

Artificial Intelligence

Partnering with University College London professors, we’re pursuing our vision for a completely integrated AI platform that enhances learning and self-assessment. Harnessing the vast amounts of data already generated by our global teams, we’re augmenting the trading experience to accelerate decision-making and performance.

Biometric Applications

The ZISHI biometric App helps to achieve the trading edge. Developed with leading minds in sports psychology and Bangor University scientists, the app measures heart rate variability (HRV), sleep, mood, exercise and more to deliver the custom data insights to individuals wanting to optimise their performance.

Global Reach

With 12 offices and 485 employees in 6 locations worldwide, our growing network of talent combines local expertise with global flavour.

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Our Team

We champion excellence from all walks of life in our global network. And we’re committed to keeping it that way.

What’s Going On

Latest News

Peak Performance

It’s been a battle of wits (and talent) this month in the Swansea office, with OSTC sporting ambassadors Welsh Rugby Captain Alun Wyn Jones and Ping Pong Para Olympian star Ashley Facey Thompson going head to head in the Welsh office’s boardroom.

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Introducing our Bio App

For peak trading performance, the science now points to the fact it pays to look after yourself. Luckily, our new ZISHI app is delivering the custom insights every trader needs to find – and hold – their professional edge.

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OSTC Group's New Chief Creative & Marketing Officer

This spring, we’re pleased to welcome a new Chief Creative & Marketing Officer into the senior team. Tom joins OSTC Group to drive our creative, marketing and innovation arms across all OSTC and ZISHI brands. Previously at LIDA, the loyalty agency and SapientNitro for two and a half years as Executive Creative Director, he was responsible for numerous multi-channel campaigns for clients including SKY, TUI and Harley Davidson to name a few. Tom brings a wealth of global creative, innovation, brand and technology experience to OSTC, as well as many years working with household financial services brands, including HSBC at a global level.

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Academic Partnerships

Working under the consultancy of world-leading artificial intelligence experts and professors at University College London, OSTC is making its first foray into the field of educational technology and ‘blended intelligence’. Fully committed to augmenting the human experience, not replacing it, the ZISHI platform will hold a suite of self-learning tools and technologies that traders can employ to keep refining their own professional edge.

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