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110 million lots traded last year

126 different products traded

21 global exchanges

480 employees


As industry leading practitioners we know that to become a successful, sustainable trader takes dedication and constant improvement. We’ve used our extensive knowledge and expertise to create a suite of brands which work together to unlock potential at every step.

OSTC Markets

Over 15 years of trading success

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An active participant in benchmark financial and commodity products across all major asset classes. We take a low-risk approach to trading by acting as market maker and providing liquidity via proprietary trading strategies.

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ZISHI Cornerstone

Knowledge and education for all

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Our technology-powered learning and education solutions provide industry recognised, accredited financial trading courses to anyone who wants to learn how to trade, along with bespoke workshops and webinars.

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ZISHI Adaptive

The art and science of decision making


We’re reimagining recruitment, training and mentoring by leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence and the potential that exists within advanced technologies and data analytic tools.

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Achieving a state of peak performance

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We help our traders reach an optimal trading state by analysing and delivering personalised physiological performance data. This also improves their overall physical and cognitive wellness.

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