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Our Trading Labs around the world

We believe that working with universities and wider education bodies is critical not only to our growth, but also to the future of the industry.  So we have made a big commitment to developing trading labs around the world.

Our trading labs are there for two purposes: firstly, to provide universities with a real-life mathematical and work-based application for students; and secondly for us to be able to meet, pre-screen and prepare future OSTC traders.  Many of our senior people, including some of our MDs, regularly take part either by leading certain lessons or delivering whole modules.

So what is a Trading Lab?  This is a fully fitted, OSTC-branded, training facility where students have the opportunity to experience trading first-hand.  You are not trading real money, but you are trading live.  So you can learn about trading – the strategies, techniques, psychology and tools – and really test yourself.  You’ll also have the opportunity to learn from highly experienced trainers and think about your first job in trading.

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Michal, Poland

"In my third year at University I took part in the OSTC Trading Challenge Game and finished with pretty good results. Then I found out about the OSTC Trading Lab courses and signed up straight away. That was the edge I needed. During those two years I learned a lot about financial markets, trading strategies and I had the chance to trade on simulators with the Krakow Office Managers, which ultimately helped me to become the successful trader I am today. "

What students appreciate most about OSTC trading Labs:

"A lot of interesting, practical information that were presented in a clear and understandable way; open and kind Trainers always ready to help and explain everything; time to practise our skills."
"The combination of theoretical knowledge and opportunity to use sophisticated trading software."
"Possibility to see how traders work and a chance to try working with Stellar."
"The mathematical puzzle"
"The most important issue for me was the possibility to develop my interests in a very practical way. I really appreciate the fact, that the training gives us the overview of the whole market and ensures the required knowledge."
"Possibility to work on the professional trading platform Stellar"
"Possibility to see how trading looks like in practice and friendly atmosphere"
"Exercises, Competition, Trading, Atmosphere"
"Pleasant & informal atmosphere."
"The great possibility to use the knowledge in practice."