Life as a Trader

Have you got what it takes?

The life of a Trader is a combination of hard work, analysis, quick thinking and resilience.  Remember, this is a job done in front of a screen, looking at data coming from different markets and exchanges, and making the right decisions.  All our Traders say that the key is to have a clear strategy, keep clam and stay focused, even when things start to happen around you.  All of our Traders have at some time lost money; the secret is to be able to pick yourself up, learn from it and go again.

We can’t tell you what a typical day looks like.  Because it’s rarely ever typical.  But here are some of the moments in any given day, and a few reflections from our Traders.

Early start

This can sometimes be a bit of a shock for new traders.  It is an early start, and you need to be in the office with plenty of time to prepare before the markets open.


Before the markets open, it’s important to understand what’s happened in the markets overnight as well as analyse any other key data, and then put together a trading strategy for the day.


When you first start as a Junior Trader, you will only trade in certain products and asset classes.  As you grow in skill and confidence, so you will start to work across multiple products and asset classes.

Decision making

When the markets are moving fast, the emotion can get to you.  The best traders keep themselves calm, rely on their trading strategy and make the right decisions at the right time.  We can’t emphasise enough how important it is to be disciplined in your approach.

End of the day

The life of a Trader is hard work, and sometimes it can be a long day.  Some people like to go off to the gym or go out; others just want to relax.  It’s important to recharge your batteries for the next day.

Team events

Our trading teams will often go out together for night outs, and sometimes for team-building events.  We’re particularly proud of how close-knit our teams are.

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