A structured career path

Investing in your development

For over 10 years, we have been investing in the skills and development of Junior Traders.  We believe in growing our own talent, and we’ve created a career development path that hundreds of Traders have followed over the years.  It starts with a really intense period of training; but throughout your career at OSTC, you will be surrounded and supported by experienced people who will share their knowledge and insights, and help you succeed.


The first three months of your life at OSTC are extremely important.  This is an intense period of training, as you learn all about what it takes to trade.  This covers trading strategies and concepts as well as trading psychology, all of which is absolutely fundamental to becoming a successful trader.  The training is run by highly experienced trading professionals, who will mentor you and help you to prepare for live trading.

Live Trading

At OSTC, we believe that live trading is the best learning environment.  Surrounded by a wealth of experienced traders on the live trading floor, this is where traders share ideas and transfer their training room knowledge and apply it to the financial markets.  Make no mistake, this is a crucial part of your development and it takes resilience and commitment to make this step.

Expanding Product Portfolios

With over 100 products traded daily across a range of asset classes, we encourage diversification.  This enables each trader to spread both their risk and their income streams.  Initially you’ll be guided by the management team; but as you show consistent performance, so you’ll have more autonomy over your product portfolio.

Senior Trader

Getting here is not easy.  Hard work, together with a driven and disciplined attitude is essential.  This approach leads to consistent results and, in turn, financial reward.  You’ll also have more autonomy and more involvement in the direction and performance of the trading team and the office itself.


Our business model encourages senior traders to help develop junior traders in the form of mentoring.  This makes for a collaborative approach to trading where idea sharing becomes second nature.  This extra layer of development is helpful to both parties: juniors gain an insight into the mindset of an experienced trader; while senior traders get the chance to develop their own skills as well as those of junior traders, as well as the satisfaction of helping to improve the performance of people in the team.

Joint Ventures

The entrepreneurial culture at OSTC encourages traders and staff to develop new ideas.  With a focus on growth and developing new business opportunities jointly with the company, not necessarily limited to our core business, all potential ventures are assessed and evaluated on their individual merit, providing opportunities for individuals to form a business partnership with the company.

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Shashwot, Swansea

"Most of my friends think trading is a high flying job with big salaries; but they don’t see the work you have to put in.  Also, trading courses are expensive and at OSTC you are taught whilst given a starting salary.  Most proprietary firms don’t have this in place. "