News breaks. Your focus doesn't.

What does it take to be a Trader?

Trading is a contrasting combination of different skills. We believe in taking a disciplined approach, working out trading strategies and executing them with precision. All of our Traders say that it is important to calm your emotions and make sure you don’t make decisions based simply on an emotional reaction. But at the same time, we want people who have an instinct for the markets and can spot trends and patterns, and are able to make decisions quickly. No-one says it is easy. It takes hard work, analysis, planning and focus. But of course, it can be a very rewarding career.

We offer our Traders an excellent platform to be successful:

• Three months of intense training plus the support and guidance to help you perform.
• We are one of the only trading companies to pay you through your training.
• We have the advantage of having our own education business.
• We will teach you as much about the technical side of training as the psychological.

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