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Supporting our global trading teams

Our Risk and Trader Support Management team is located in our Head Office in Bromley with other team members in India and Poland as well. We’re responsible for monitoring the group’s position and exposure within the markets. We ensure that risk management procedures are followed and at the same time making sure that any trading disruptions are kept to a minimum. An important part of our work is partnering with our Software Development team to develop our own in-house bespoke Risk Management programs to support the business.

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Jason shares his experience of Risk & Trader Support



Head of Risk & Trader Support


Read Jason's story

Read Jason's story


I joined OSTC from a city investment bank. I wanted to get closer to the trading floor and gain direct exposure to the markets. I started in an operational support role, and because I took such an interest in understanding the market and the front-to-back process, I was given the chance to move into a risk management role, working with the Head of Trading. As the trader numbers have grown, so has our team. Now I manage a team of five who cover both the Asian and the European/US trading sessions.

One of my highlights was being heavily involved in a big project setting up a trading relationship with a new clearing house. The learning curve during this time was steep and I had to get a detailed understanding of  the business right from trading infrastructure to back office and internal reporting. The project for me lasted about 8 months and resulted in traders gaining access to profitable new markets.

Michael Shirley, Chief Risk Officer

"We place a great deal of focus on supporting our Traders with the right tools and processes, and helping to manage risk very effectively."