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The HR & Talent function is the fastest growing back office department within the OSTC Group. From a small team of two providing operational, day-to-day HR support, we have grown significantly and we are now helping the business to develop a long-term people strategy which is having a clear impact on our business, our people and our performance.

We believe that people are our most important assets.  So we invest in attracting the best talent, and we’re doing this by building a strong employer brand, diversifying our recruitment channels and developing new selection methods.

We also believe in empowering people and developing performance in others. Our performance management and development processes support these beliefs and give us a flexible framework to encourage conversational coaching, continual feedback and employee-led objective setting.

Our biggest challenge right now is moving away from transactional HR by automating and optimising certain operational HR processes so that we can concentrate our efforts on partnering with the business and support company objectives.

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Klaudia Stelmachowicz, Group HR Manager

"We've got a growing team of HR professionals, covering everything from policy to performance development."


Operations & Social Media Specialist

Swansea, UK

Read Sophie's story

Read Sophie's story


I joined OSTC in February of 2017 as an Administration & Operations Assistant following my relocation back to Swansea. I have a BA (hons) in Event Management and had previously worked as a Conference & Event Coordinator within the hospitality sector however my career aspirations always resided within communications and social media.

My journey with OSTC has so far been filled with opportunities, I was offered the chance to take over global branding and communications alongside my previous role in October 2017 with a new title of Operations & Social Media Specialist.

Following a re-structure of the HR & Talent Team department, due in July 2018, my role will be evolving to Employer Branding, Communications & Social Media Specialist. Handing over the operational responsibilities will allow me to focus on the creative side of my role; I’m keen to further improve my skillset and continue to grow with the company.

I believe that if you work hard, show initiative and are passionate about your role within OSTC then the opportunities to progress are available. It’s great to work for a company where your ideas are heard and you have the chance to make a real impact on its success.