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Our Compliance team is located across our Head Office in Bromley and Warsaw office in Poland. Our role is to ensure that OSTC attains the highest standards of regulatory compliance by providing practical, efficient and business oriented compliance solutions.
We’re responsible for the identification of the risks OSTC faces and advising on them, designing and implementing controls to protect OSTC from those risks, monitoring and reporting on the effectiveness of those controls and advising the business on those rules and controls.

In order to achieve the above, we partner with all business departments to deliver a firm-wide comprehensive compliance monitoring programme addressing identified risks and setting up appropriate systems and controls to protect the business.

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Our compliance team share their experiences of working for a highly performing department



Head of Compliance

Bromley, UK

Read Dmitriy's story

Read Dmitriy's story


Before joining OSTC I was working at an OTC FX brokerage in the city of London, where I started as a project manager responsible for an authorisation project and moved onto managing day-to-day operations for the COO.

When an opportunity became available at OSTC I could not miss the chance to work on another authorisation project for such a great company, it was already a recognised major player in the worldwide derivatives markets.

OSTC is now an authorised and regulated global investment firm with 14 offices worldwide that takes its regulatory franchise very seriously. I am very proud to be part of this organisation, leading its regulatory and compliance division into a new era of growth and prosperity.



Head of Market Compliance

Warsaw, Poland

Read Andrew's story

Read Andrew's story


Prior to joining OSTC I had experience as a HR and Operations Manager. When the opportunity to join the company as a Junior Operations Manager presented itself I knew it would be a great fit. Little did I know at the time how far my career would progress within the company.

After working as a Trading Floor Manager, for nearly two years, I was able to move into the newly created global Risk Management Team. Working closely with the Risk Team enabled us to develop new risk management systems and policies that supported the expansion of the company from six offices to thirteen. This expansion into multiple jurisdictions brought new challenges to assuring compliance in a more global regulatory environment, and I was given the responsibility to apply my previous experience within the trading and risk management areas to Market Supervision.

Working within a regulated firm, I can now see that compliance will be one of the main focuses for all market participants going forward. There seems to be no end to the current regulatory environment and I feel fortunate that OSTC has been able to provide support as I have grown into this aspect of the business. As the company continues to expand there will be further opportunities for career advancement for employees, I can’t wait to see what the future holds.