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Applying to OSTC

Here are a few hints and tips on applying to OSTC.

A passion for trading
If you’re applying to become one of our traders, you need to show a real passion for trading from the moment you apply. We want to know why you are so interested in trading and what you’ve done to find out more or even to gain some experience.

Always be prepared
Before you come to our assessment day, think about the questions you might be asked and the answers you will give. It goes without saying that you should research OSTC and find out more about us. But always be prepared for other, quick-fire questions – where we’ll be looking for quick-thinking.

Practise interviews
You could ask a friend or relative to help you practise for an interview. Because it’s not simply about the questions you’ll be asked; it’s equally important the way you present yourself. Be smartly dressed. Look at your interviewer (not the floor). Smile. And, most of all, show your true qualities.

Be yourself
We can’t ask for more than this. Our people come from all different backgrounds, and found trading through all kinds of different routes. So, please show us who you are, and that you’ve got the disciplined approach as well as resilience and spark to be a successful trader.

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