your frequently asked questions

Before you apply

What do you trade?

Here at OSTC we specialise in electronically trading exchange-traded futures. We are active in the follow asset classes:

Soft Commodities (Cocoa, Sugar, Coffee), Energies (Crude and Distillate), Agricultural & Cattle, Metals, Fixed Income and Short Term Interest Rates (STIRs).

What are the opening dates for your new graduate trader positions?
Each OSTC office recruits on an individual timetable. We recommend you keep a regular eye on our vacancies page and follow our Facebook page to see our latest vacancies and ensure you get your application in early.

What are your application deadlines?
Closing date deadlines for each position are listed on the vacancies page of our website. Each position is recruited for on a group basis meaning on average 10-15 positions are available per job listing. As job offers are made on a first come first serve basis we therefore advise you aim to get your application in as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

What are your entry requirements? Do I need a business and Finance background to apply?
OSTC welcomes candidates from all degree disciplines, as well as those that couldn’t attend university or were unable to complete their course.  Ideally with an interest in financial markets, we look for candidates that can demonstrate the appropriate attributes and skill sets required to be successful in this industry.

Many of our candidates do come to us straight from university; however it’s not just your academic performance we are interested in.  OSTC looks for highly driven, highly disciplined individuals who have an interest in financial markets and a passion to succeed.  We will assess your application on a number of different factors, including basic numeracy skills, analytical and problem solving skill sets and risk personality.

I don’t meet OSTC’s minimum academic requirements, can I still apply?
There are no entry level requirements. Please see above.

Do you need previous trading experience to apply?
You do not need previous trading experience to be eligible for our roles. We provide comprehensive training before you start trading for real, with the opportunity to become a successful and respected trading professional on the world’s financial markets.

I graduated a few years ago; can I still apply for a graduate trader position?
Yes of course, we welcome all applicants from all backgrounds. What’s important to us is applicants have a strong interest in financial markets, are enthusiastic and motivated by a competitive and driven environment.

Can an applicant apply for multiple positions?
In principle, you can. However, you will be assigned to a position that we think best matches your profile. It therefore makes more sense to only apply for one position and to note in your cover letter which other positions you are also interested in.

Do you accept applications from graduates who require work permits?
We welcome applications from all candidates but there are restrictions to some office locations. Currently UK offices cannot advance applications requiring visa sponsorship.

What address should I put down on my application form – home (permanent) or university address?
We recommend putting down your home address. The only time we’re likely to write to you by letter is if you’re successful, and we need to send you a contract.

I am having technical issues with my application, who can I contact?
If you send an email to one of our team will be able to help you out.

How will I know that you’ve received my application?
You’ll receive an email from our resourcing team to let you know that we’ve received your application. Be sure to check your junk email in case our acknowledgment email has been placed there.

How can I prepare for the interview?
You can get lots of information and guidance in our Tips section and more will be added on an ongoing basis.

What does the assessment centre consist of? How long does it last? When will I find out the outcome?
You can get lots of information and guidance in our Recruitment Process section

During Your Application

I’ve submitted my CV. What is the next step?
If your application has been successful you should hear from us within 10 working days. Due to the volume of applications received we cannot reply to unsuccessful candidates. If you do not hear back from us after this time your application has not been successful.

What’s the application process and how long does the process take?
After submitting your CV and Cover letter and each subsequent stage of the application process we aim to get back to you, in the majority of cases through email, within 10 working days. In the majority of cases the maximum length to complete the full recruitment process and proceed to job offer takes 10 weeks. This is dependent on a candidate’s ability to attend and individual offices provision of an assessment day offer.

What does the questionnaire stage entail?
The questionnaire forms the second stage of our recruitment process, after your CV has been received, and before interviews. It aims to assess a candidate’s interest in financial markets and where this interest is derived from. Some basic competency questions also form part of the questionnaire. There are no right or wrong answers and no numeracy questions.

Does the application process involve psychometric testing?
Applicants who successfully reach the assessment day stage of our recruitment process are invited to complete a risk type compass psychometric test which focuses on differences in the way individuals perceive and handle risk and make decisions.

After Your Application

Will I be able to meet other people I am joining with before I start?
During the recruitment process we aim to provide applicants a chance to meet and engage with fellow applicants and ultimately new starters during our assessment days. Before starting employment we also aim to provide new groups access to relocation information.

If I’m unsuccessful, can I apply again?
You’re very welcome to apply again but you’ll need to wait until we start recruiting for the following intake. Try to think about the skills we’re looking for and how you might be able to develop or strengthen those skills in the meantime.

Work Experience/Internships Queries

What work experience opportunities do you offer for students and graduates?
Each OSTC office varies in its ability to facilitate work experience candidates. Opportunities are limited and vary in length and activities. We encourage those interested in such opportunities to directly contact the relevant office to enquire about availability and requirements.

As part of my course I want to do a business placement, does OSTC offer these?
Work experience and internship placements are not listed on our vacancies page. For more information please contact your office of interest directly. Currently UK offices are unable to facilitate work experience or internship placements.

Does OSTC offer internships?
Each OSTC office varies in its ability to provide internships. Opportunities are limited and vary in length and activities. We encourage those interested in such opportunities to directly contact the relevant office to enquire about availability and requirements.

Does studying towards a further qualification form part of the graduate trader position?
With no clients or investors, employees do not have to study towards any formal qualifications but are encouraged to continuously develop professionally. Our training programme offers comprehensive hands-on mentoring from industry professionals, covering crucial trading strategies and concepts as well as trading psychology.

Are there any charges for the training OSTC provides?
OSTC pay salaries to all of our traders throughout their career and does not charge for any training. This demonstrates the commitment we show to our employees, ensuring there are no financial liabilities on their part, and the confidence we have in our own training methods.

Do you provide relocation assistance?
Each office will assist you with information specific to that location in regards to renting/sharing property however there is no financial assistance available.