A business with strong values

Our values really matter

Our values mean a lot to us.  They have been a constant since the very beginning of the business, and in our recent employee survey, we found that 90% of our people were aware of our values. They really are part of day-to-day life at OSTC.

High Performing
We want our people always to be able to perform to their maximum and fulfil their potential.

We want to be agile – able to see opportunities and to take advantage of them in a way that benefits us all.

We expect a lot of ourselves and we expect the same commitment from all of the people at OSTC.

We value strict discipline.  It enables all of us to operate within clear boundaries and minimises our risk.

We respect the views and opinions of all our people.  We listen.

We care about every detail that affects our business and we are driven to be the best at everything we do.